Eleni Samplidou
Eleni SamplidouDermatologist - Venereologist

Eleni Samplidou was born in Athens and studied at the Medical faculty of the Kapodistrian University of Athens. She graduated from her faculty with “very good” grades. She completed her specialty in Dermatology-Venereology in the Andreas Sygros hospital in Athens where she remained for two more years as a research associate in the allergy department of the hospital.

She has participated in many scientific projects and has been particularly concerned and involved with psoriasis and acne. She further remained in the A. Sygros hospital for two additional years, as a research associate and served in the allergy department and the capillary section. After leaving the hospital, she worked as a dermatologist-venereologist at the Social Insurance Institute of N. Kosmos and then at the one in Kallithea for 13 consecutive years. Since 2000, she has owned and has been managing a private clinic in Kallithea, 111 Irakleous street.

Eleni Samplidou has dealt with aesthetic dermatology and lasers. She has attended many scientific conferences and holds certifications for botox, hyaluronic and other implants applications.

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