The Alexandrite laser is the most impressive hair removal laser. It selectively “burns” all black hairs, leaving the surrounding area unaffected. It has permanent, fast and safe results. There is a cooling system that is employed just before the laser application to prevent the skin from hurting.

To perform hair removal with the use of the Alexandrite laser, the hair shouldn’t have been previously waxed or removed with the use of any device that pulls the hair out from the root. Moreover, the hair should be cut short or shaved.

The laser passes over the skin and directly targets the melanin of the hair follicle without interfering with the skin itself. For this reason, the skin should not be tanned (i.e. presence of melanin on the skin’s surface). The Alexandrite laser isn’t really effective on blonde and white hair.

Special eye-protection goggles are used during the treatment and sunscreen is thoroughly applied to the patient’s skin afterward.