What are the threads?

They are very thin “stitches”, consisting of polydiocanol (PDO), the material from which the surgical, internal sutures are made, which are fully absorbable. As they are absorbed by the body, neo-collagen genesis occurs, so we have a natural and long-lasting effect. The threads do not “pull” but “support” the skin. They are applied very easily with a fine needle-guide for each of them, and they have no particular side effects, except for small bruises, which may become a transient swelling.

There are several types of threads. Simple, screw, cog, others that break down into many sub-regions, etc. We choose them according to the needs of each region and how “discreet” we want the results to be. They can be applied almost everywhere, on the face and body and their effects gradually improve for the next three months, while they last for 1.5 years in total.