During our lifetime, the skin develops and while at a young age it can be quite oily, it usually “dries out” progressively. However, there are many people who suffer from oily, porous skin, which needs frequent cleaning and tightening of the pores and which remains very oily or combination even in old age. The main characteristics of oily skin: dull – oiled – thick – uneven – spots.

Skin can become more oily:

  • If you use a heavy – greasy cream
  • If you find yourself in a hot and humid climate
  • If due to hormonal disorders there is an over-secretion of androgens
  • After taking medication
  • Intense stress
  • If there is heredity


  • Non-greasy creams
  • Clean with soap and not with emulsion
  • Use of astringent lotions
  • Frequent cleansing
  • Frequent clay masks
  • A laser that dries the spots
  • Fraxel laser that closes the pores

Multiple treatments to treat oily and combination skin.