Combining 4 different machines for a better body!
We welcome Coax, a multifunctional platform that fights against cellulite, local thickness, and skin slackness and is characterized by Italian finesse. It also has special heads used for facial care and toning.

  1. Cryolipolysis is a rapid treatment (≅ 40min) per area; it is also bloodless and painless. By being applied in the adipose depots and with the utilization of very low temperature (-10 ° C), it causes cell apoptosis and consequently the biological “death” of the adipocytes. This means that it offers a permanent and lasting result. A vacuum applicator is placed on the skin to bring it into contact with cooling panels. The skin is covered with gauze to prevent it from being burnt by the cold. The low temperature makes the small vessels that feed the fat cells clot causing them to die and fall within the next 2 months of application. They are, then, eliminated through the lymphatic circulation in a completely normal way. The surrounding tissues remain unaffected because they are not as sensitive to low temperatures as lipocytes. In each application, we can have a 20% reduction in the number of lymphocytes.
  2. Cavitation (Ultrasound): Cavitation is a new technology that employs ultrasound to generate air bubbles that push the cell membrane of the adipocyte and break it down immediately (cavitation). The adipocyte is mechanically destroyed and the trapped fat is liquefied and excreted through the lymphatic circulation. Nevertheless, since fat is dispersed in the body, the cavitation method should be performed in a specific area rather than a very large body area each time. It should also be combined with lymphatic massage and the patient should drink plenty of fluids to better eliminate the toxins. It can also be combined with radio frequencies (RF) and exercise. Our new Coax machine is the best choice for tackling local thickness, combining all the above technologies.
  3. Radio Frequencies (RF): Radio frequencies have been used in medicine for a long time. Their aesthetic applications have been greatly improved in recent years and are being applied to the skin through “poles” to heat the deeper layers of the skin and adipose tissue. There are monopolar, bipolar, tripolar, etc. depending on the depth we want to achieve and the area of ​​the body we are targeting. Facial treatments are aimed at activating fibroblasts in the dermis to generate collagen and align the elastic fibers (rejuvenate – tighten – improve face contours). Body therapies can also intervene vigorously and bloodlessly, creating new collagen, tightening, improving the downward tendency of the skin and causing a noticeable loss of inches/cms from the very first session. The appearance of “orange peel” recedes and cellulite is substantially improved. The results are long-lasting and the improvement continues after the end of the application. Radio Frequencies can be combined with cavitation and lymphatic massage for even better results.
  4. Lymphatic massage: with controlled “mechanical” action, continuous suction – compression is performed between two rollers, which gradually improves lymphatic and vascular circulation and drains fat cells reducing their volume.
    The treatment has been proven effective for many years in cellulite and localized fat issues and it is also used for “sculpting” the body and limiting skin loosening. It is also recommended to pregnant women who have just given birth and menopausal women who suffer from fluid retention due to hormonal disorders.
    It can be perfectly combined with other methods such as radio frequencies, cavitation, etc for spectacular results. Our clinic is equipped with an LPG machine, during the use of which the patient is required to wear a special full-length pant to adhere to the cylinders. Furthermore, we are proud to offer the Coax technology, which combines massage with radiofrequency for a more lasting effect, to our patients. In all cases, we recommend at the same time proper nutrition and sufficient consumption of liquids.