What is Botox?

Botox is the botulinum toxin. It is a drug that immobilizes some muscles in the upper middle part of the face, so that competing muscles, which are mostly elevator muscles, also work. The result is that expression wrinkles aren’t formed and there is a significant delay in the formation of static-permanent wrinkles. Its duration is about 5 months. Botox is usually applied on the upper half of the face (face-mid-eyebrow-eyes), but it can also be applied on the neck and contour of the face as well as elsewhere. The points that the toxin is injected are individualized in each person separately, depending on his or her usual facial expressions. The treatment also helps with headaches and hyperhidrosis of the injected area. For a few hours after a Botox application, the person undergoing treatment should not bend over, exercise vigorously or fall asleep. Furthermore, he/she should not take hot showers and be exposed to intense heat (eg hairdryer).

The effect of the treatment is visible after 3-4 days, so the re-examination is done 2 weeks after the treatment. It is good to repeat treatments twice a year so that, in the long run, the intense contractions of the face will slowly relax and the wrinkles will not “show”.