Acne is principally an adolescent disease, but it often appears very early and extends to much older ages. It develops in areas where our skin has a lot of sebaceous glands (face – chest – back).


  • It is affected by family history (hereditary).
  • It can be caused by hormonal disorders (especially girls just before menstruation).
  • Bacteria: Mostly oily skin has the tendency to be colonized by different bacteria because of the excess production of sebum. But acne is not an infectious disease.
  • Diet: It has not been confirmed to be a cause, but it is advisable to people who are already predisposed to acne to avoid fatty foods and dairy products.
  • Climate: Acne improves in summer, and worsens in humid, tropical climates.
  • Stress: stress aggravates acne, affecting the increase of sebum production


  1. Facial cleansing with soap and lotion. Deep steam cleansing.
  2. Keratolytic and sebum-regulating creams.
  3. Antibiotics in a topical form (cream) or orally.
  4. Contraceptives (in case there are hormonal disorders).
  5. Topical or oral isotretinoin in more severe forms (under close medical supervision).
  6. Laser treatments (smooth beau laser) for active lesions as well as lasers for the treatment of scars.